Tremont Safety Meeting Review

Recap of January 31 Community Safety Meeting

A community safety meeting was held at OLA/St. Joseph Center January 31 with 67 neighborhood residents attending. The meeting was hosted by Tremont West Development Corporation in partnership with Ward 3 Councilman Kerry McCormack.

Councilman McCormack shared his focus on safety in the neighborhood and his desire to advocate for more police with the new city tax increase. Sgt. Frank Wyoma and Lt. Mike 8ettley were there to report on crime in the neighborhood and progress in relation to ongoing cases. Michael Lisk, 2nd District Prosecuting Attorney for Felony Cases, reported on changes within the Prosecutor's office to focus on a more community-oriented approach to prosecution.

Tremont West Executive Director Cory Riordan reported on the work being done to hire a new shared safety coordinator with Ohio City Inc. He also spoke about safety programs currently being coordinated by Tremont West as well as a new block club micro grant program that will begin early in the spring (more details will be released through block clubs). Current safety programs include an alley light rebate program and a safety audit rebate program that partially reimburse residents for installing lights in alleyways and performing safety related repairs that are identified through inspections with the 2nd District Police. He also gave a status update on the installation of cameras along Abbey at 1-90 as well as Clark Field cameras and plans for Lincoln Park Gazebo cameras.

We also broke out into table groups in order to discuss the following questions:

1. What are major safety issues in the neighborhood?

2. What are expectations of/suggestions for the City?

3. What are expectations of/suggestions for Tremont West?

4. What can residents do to improve safety in the neighborhood?

The groups came up with a lot of good questions, feedback, and suggestions that Councilman McCormack, and TWDC will be working on studying and implementing. For a more in depth look at the agenda, meeting notes, and community feedback please visit this link.


Some requests at the Tuesday evening meeting included the following reminders:

How to get your security camera on the County's network list - more info here

How to report a crime and fill out a police report online - more info here

How to report a broken street light - more info here

How to become a member of Tremont West - more info here

You can download the packet pdf here.