Blazing a new trail with Sustainable Homes in historic Tremont neighborhood

(ARC)form Design & Construction (property developers) and new homeowner Nick Bosworth III welcome the Public, Press, and the local Sustainability Community to the Dedication Ceremony for "The Cottages On Thurman".

The ceremony is being held on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 at 2pm at the corner of College and Thurman.

  These two freestanding homes offer a new level of thoughtful design and quality of construction to Northeast Ohio. Designed and Built to give the new owners a gorgeous, spacious and practical home to maximize their quality of daily life. The beauty comes from creative design, nhanced by honest materials like real slate stone and cedar wood. Materials that are dynamic and will patina over time instead of static simulated cladding and lower quality veneers seen in many standard & even luxury New Construction houses. (ARC)form is a trailblazer in the building industry with homes being built to be the Healthiest, Most Durable/Low Maintenance, and EcoFriendly houses in Northeast Ohio. These are the first Tremont homes to be registered for extensive LEED Certification. The LEED program is the standard for Green Building, with exacting requirements for Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Safety and Positive Environmental Impact. Administered by the United States Green Building Council.

  Going beyond that, they are registered for certification from the US Government Energy Star efficiency program, the Department of Energy “Zero Energy Ready Home” program, and the FORTIFIED DisasterSafety program administered by The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety. As a result of designing to these strict standards, The Cottages on Thurman are the strongest, most sustainable, healthiest houses on the market today. A very tangible bonus is these homes will operate at a much lower cost for Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Water Usage and general Maintenance.This was achieved by (ARC)form using an unique Design & Construction approach that allows for these advances without driving up the cost or complexity of construction. The results are superior homes, with excellent appreciative value, at an extremely competitive price in line with the local housing market.

  The opening ceremony will be immediately followed by a tour of the first home with new home owner Nick Bosworth III. The event will be held with support from Cleveland Ward 3 City Councilman Joe Cimperman, Tremont West Development Corporation, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EnergyStar, and Think Green Midwest Inc. Light appetizers and refreshments will be provided and the (ARC)form Design & Construction team will be on hand to answer questions and field inquiries on other projects current, past and in the planning stages.

(ARC)form Design & Construction Team

(ARC)form LLC Design & Construction is a unique design collaborative of architecture, interior design, furniture craftsmen, and landscape professionals. Our team has been creating and constructing comprehensive architectural, interior and exterior design solutions for over 14 years. (ARC)form employs the philosophy of “using conventional materials and techniques – in unconventional means”, which ultimately translates into a custom design solution at a better cost for the client. Whether upcycling reclaimed materials in a new application or simply designing in accordance to standardized material sizes and availability, the end result is a unique environment. The (ARC)form LLC Design and Construction team of professionals provide , and most importantly, guide clients with the various architectural and construction services from concept to completion.

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