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Since 1979, Tremont West Development Corporation has worked to make Tremont a great place to live, visit, work or have a business. Welcome!

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Duck Island Development Collaboration

Duck Island Development Collaborative is an urban redevelopment effort implementing sustainable community enhancement in Duck Island, a traditional neighborhood that is perfectly situated for mixed-use, transit-orientated living. The Collaborative is a private-sector-led effort utilizing shared resources to improve the quality of life for the current and future residents of Duck Island. Together we can create a neighborhood redevelopment model that demonstrates the definitive example of sustainable city living in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Lemko Hall, once featured in "The Deer Hunter"


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Tremont West Now Hiring

Tremont West Development Corporation in partnership with Ohio City Incorporated, applied for and received a grant from Enterprise Community Partners to explore opportunities for affordable housing in the Tremont and Ohio City neighborhoods. The grant will allow Tremont West and OCI to hire a full time staff person for a time limited position to find affordable in-fill housing opportunities, work to bring affordable housing to larger scale projects and advocate for policy that ensures affordable housing options on the near west side into the future. Although Tremont and Ohio City continue to have higher than average poverty rates and a considerable amount of affordable housing, due to the rapidly increasing housing values in both neighborhoods, we believe it is important to have the conversation, plan for the future, and begin project implementation for affordability now rather than later. Our organizations are committed to creating mixed income, diverse neighborhoods for the future and are working with partners to ensure this vision. It is not only the right thing to do, but if we are successful, will ensure the dynamism that has attracted so many to our neighborhoods remains intact by ensuring housing choice for all income levels.
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Celebrate Tremont on October 10th!

A Tremont Fundraiser Featuring Dinner, Open Bar and the Popular Reverse Raffle
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Tremont in the News

Metroparks, partners quietly exalt and nurture the fragile Cuyahoga

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Cleveland's millennial brain gain fuels its national resurgence

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High-end and ultra-green: the new face of Duck Island

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Celebrate Tremont

Saturday, October 10th
Tremont West Reverse Raffle Fundraiser
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